CWC Boutique

Terms & Conditions

Selling Your Items

An estimate on your item(s) can be given by email or telephone contact, but only a true value can be given when the item has been received by us and a full inspection given. The item(s) will be inspected by one of our qualified members of staff for condition, authenticity and age. After the item has been valued, an offer will be emailed or posted to yourself (the seller) and if the value is agreed, a payment will be made in one of the following ways - cheque, bank transfer or paypal (paypal may incur a charge at your expense). If a value is not agreed then the item(s) will be returned with full insurance at the seller's expense as an estimate will have been given before item(s) sent.

Buying An Item

Watches new and pre-owned all come with a 12 month warranty from us (The Cheshire Watch Company Ltd) which includes parts and labour.

This does not cover:-

  • Damage by misuse
  • Accidental damage
  • Loss
  • Theft

Note: Special order items are non refundable.